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  Main tasks of Testing and Analysis Center in Youtian are to complete quality monitoring of products and raw materials in our company and develop reliable product inspection means and evaluation methods, so as to perfect high-end product standard systems, breaking through the restriction of foreign technical barriers of high-end products. The center has advanced instruments and equipment as well as perfect functions, keeps the posture constantly updated, and has a highly-qualified inspection and detection team. Due to the adoption of advanced analysis/testing technologies and means, we have finished quantitative and qualitative analysis of various materials. Currently, our company is equipped with many imported inspection and analysis instruments, with parts of testing equipment shown as follows:

Glow discharge MS (GDMS) for impurity composition analysis on high-purity materials
Inductive coupling plasma emission spectrograph (ICP-OES) for qualitative and quantitative analysis on metallic elements and parts of non-metallic elements
Oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen analyzer for quantitative analysis on oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen and other gas elements of high-purity materials
Roughness tester for testing surface roughness of materials
Scanning electron microscope for testing microscopic surface textures of matters and drawing images
X-ray diffractometer (XRD) for phase analysis, crystalline measurement, crystal orientation measurement and grain size measurement
Metallographic microscope for testing crystal grain compositions of alloy and metal surfaces
Carbon/sulfur analyzer (cs-800) Used for rapid and accurate qualitative and quantitative analysis of carbon and sulfur in inorganic samples
Electronic universal testing machine Used for material tension test, pressure test, peel test, tear test, shear and bending test
Ultrasonic flaw detector Ultrasonic flaw detector